6" Petty



Jack-of-All-Trades. Everyone needs this knife. It is the go to second knife for folks who primarily use a large chef knife. Paring, boning, filleting…any task that a chef knife is too big for. For those who aren’t comfortable using larger knives, this is your do it all chef and paring knife.

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Materials & Care

Elegant utility: power meets grace.

The unique qualities of particle metallurgy steel amplify the performance of this blade design.  The remarkable toughness and strength of CPM S35VN steel allows the blade to be ground incredibly thin and perform without bending, breaking or chipping. The super thin blade cuts through food like a scalpel. 

Some eight years ago, when I had just started out as an assistant at a fancy food magazine, I snuck one of their 6” Petty Utility Knives out of a gift package meant for my boss (sorry not sorry!) and it has been an extension of my hand ever since. Prior to that point, I was a stubborn, all-you-need-is-a-chefs-knife kind of cook, but that super-sharp, nimble, not-too-short-not-too-long blade quickly became my perennial kitchen sidekick. Agile enough for delicate tasks like trimming vegetables and sharp enough to fillet fish, it keeps an edge long after my other knives have been sent out for sharpening. All that and made in the US of A? What’s not to like?! I’ve been worshiping at the altar of New West for years, and their blades have been my ace in the hole when I’m seeking out the perfect gift for friends and family who love the kitchen as much as I do.” Amiel Stanek, contributing editor, Bon Appetit.

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