Classic Starter Set

Classic Starter Set

This classic combo covers everything you need on the cutting board. Conventional wisdom says you need two knives to take care of business, a chef knife and a paring knife. If you or your loved one is kindling a passion for cooking- quality knives will get the fire going. The Classic Starter set is a great investment for a lifetime of culinary adventure.

The "Light-Speed" 8" Chef Knife
For folks who find a traditional 8-inch chef cumbersome or intimidating, the graceful blade shape, tapered tang, and super-thin blade grind turn this precision instrument into an extension of your hand. Learn more about the 8" Chef

"America's Best" paring knife
A recent comparison by Cooking Light's test kitchen called this beauty "America's Best" paring knife. Don't be fooled, this wasn't a beauty pageant, it was a cutting board obstacle course focused on finding the champion in a variety of jobs- peeling, coring, mincing, pitting- that the G-Fusion paring knife looks good getting the job done is just icing on the cake. Learn more about the Paring

Don't want to shove these beautiful knives into the depths of your cutlery drawer? Check out our resin knife magnets.

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