Carving Fork


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Fill your Feast with Ceremony.
William Morris said: "Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful." This carving fork satisfies both requirements and is sure to add a sense of ceremony to your special occasions.

Carving King: Tradition on the Cutting Edge.
New West's take on the carving fork has a full-sized, ergonomic grip made from high strength G10. With 440C stainless steel and a full tang, this fork offers durability and leverage for carving proteins large and small.

American Made + G-Fusion Handle
Thanksgiving is better when it's American made. Tradition and innovation meet in this top of the line carving fork-- add an 8 or 9 inch chef knife to turn carving into a virtuosic performance. G-Fusion handles feature G10: an aerospace-grade, fiberglass epoxy composite material that is virtually bomb-proof. New West developed unique G10 color palettes to enhance the beauty of the tool and inspire culinary adventure.

Overall Length: 11.5"
Tines Length: 6"
Fork Width: 1"

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