Arete Steak Knife Block


An arete is a ridge of vertical edges that jut from a cliff face. The magnetic angles of the Arete Steak Knife Block are an homage to our Jackson Hole roots. Sustainably sourced American hardwoods are individually milled and hand-finished to smooth out all the contours. Then, high-power, neodymium magnets are artfully embedded to keep knives readily at hand in unique positions that create beautiful, shifting perspectives reminiscent of a mountain range.

Whether as an elegant accent or striking centerpiece, the Arete Steak Knife Block makes meals more memorable by adding a sense of ceremony to the feast. Lauded by Food & Wine Magazine and The Wall Street Journal, our knives are the preferred choice of elite steakhouses from the Montage to the Four Seasons. The Arete displays the high performing blades on a finely crafted piece of functional art.

More Options:

Shop the Arete Steak Knife Block 8pc Set in G-Fusion HERE

Shop the Arete Steak Knife Block 8pc Set in Ironwood HERE


Length   10”

Width    3”

Height    7 ¼”

Magnets   16x neodymium 

Weight    2.5 lbs

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