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Ladies Only

Howdy Ladies!

Welcome to the Mountain Man Toy Shop.  It is a pleasure to have you here.  There are lots of goodies on our website that many cowgirls would love, but more then likely you are here shopping for a man in your life.  Knives and tomahawks may seem like a strange gift idea to you but trust us, if your man has a pulse, he will love about anything you find at the Mountain Man Toy Shop.  Does your cowboy already have some knives and are you asking yourself "Does he really want another one?"  We have one word for you to frame it in a ladies perspective: SHOES.  Need another?  JEWELRY.

How about a tomahawk?  Besides your love, of course, there are few manly pleasures greater than the sound of a well thrown tomahawk sinking into a wood crosscut.  Get it?  Just trust us.  If you try it, you will like it too.  Throwing tomahawks in the backyard and drinking a few beers is nothing but fun.  And don't worry it's safe.

Are you concerned that you live in a the big city and your guy won't want any of this western stuff?  Ladies, boys in cities like to play Cowboys and Indians too.

In all seriousness, we make and carry the highest quality products that are meant to be treasured for a lifetime.  We don't sell any junk.

If you are looking for something to spice up the boudoir , we reccomend you get your man a Fifty Shades of Grey leather honing strop and a bottle of Elk Viagara.


 “The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything.”   

 Friedrich Nietzche


All the best, and make sure to COWGIRL UP!!