Learn More: The Petty Knife featured in The Americanologists

The Petty Knife featured in The Americanologists

New Review from The Americanologists!


The Americanologist is bridging the gap between lifestyle and American Made blogs.  In 2014 the Americanologist was first exposed to New West Knifeworks, and it has been love ever since.  Just this month, the kitchen crew at The Americanologist got their hands on our Petty Knife.  With London Broil being the test on our blade's sharpness, we passed with flying colors. 


" I'm not an expert chef but I do like my knives, and this knife felt well-balanced, and easy to handle.  The blade was razor-sharp and cut through the meat like 'Buttah' as we say in these parts." -  The Americanologists


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