Learn More: The Egg Out West and Her "Garlic Ninja"

The Egg Out West and Her "Garlic Ninja"


The Egg has done it again.  You have stolen my heart.  The Egg Out West and New West have teamed up in order to show the world our Mini Chopper.  For me it was my anti-pasto machine. Hard meats and cheeses had no chance against my Mini Chopper. But Meag and the west of the Egg Out West following have a new name for it- "Garlic Ninja." 


Meag The Egg, thanks again for helping us spread the word.  

"i like to call it my garlic ninja.  at least that's what i feel like when i'm slicing and dicing. this power just comes over me.  to be honest, i've been adding garlic to everything these days, just so i can whip out the mini chopper.  it's also awesomely gorgeous so i use it when we have guests over." The Egg

Gorgeous plate of Cheese with Cheese Knife