Learn More: Our Tomahawk is Number 1- Paste Magazine

Our Tomahawk is Number 1- Paste Magazine

Paste's Jackson Hole Travel Guide #1 thing to do.

Visiting New West Knifeworks listed ahead of skiing, Yellowstone, country dancing and going on a sleigh ride with an Elk. Read the original article.

"It’s not often that you get the chance to throw hatchets in a back alley as snow falls, but that’s exactly what happens at Mountain Man Toy Shop, just off the square in downtown Jackson. Mountain Man is the retail arm of New West Knife Works, a small group of artisans that make pocket knives, kitchen cutlery, axes and tomahawks by hand. The shop is filled with all kinds of beautiful, sharp things, but you absolutely have to try the throwing hatchets. Get a quick tutorial in the back alley next to the shop, then give it a go, throwing the steel into a huge crosscut trunk hanging on the brick wall." Paste Magazine

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