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N'East Style Reviews Petty Knife

There is nothing like a sharp knife.  Especially, when you have "two left feet" in the kitchen.  We sent our fashion and lifestyle directors at N'East Style Everyone's Favorite Knife- The Petty Knife. Luckly, everyone kept there fingers, but that apple has seen better days.


"It’s a well known fact with my family that I’m a bit of a klutz in the kitchen. As such, all of our knives are a bit dull because my fiancé fears that if I were to use a decent and sharp knife I would slice my finger right off in about 10 seconds. I am triumphantly proving him wrong with the New West Knife Works Petty Knife. This thing slices like a dream without the skips and jerks of slicing something like an apple with a crappy knife (the latter would actually more likely cause an accident). The folks at New West sent me the Petty a month back just in time for our Thanksgiving feast. It was utilized in preparing every single dish . . . and every single dish since then." - N'East Style


Chef Knife with AppleFavorite Knife N'East Style Kitchen