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Mango & Tomato 8'' Chef Knife Review

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The word is spreading fast.  Our friend Olga in Washington D.C has witnessed the truth of our 8'' Chef Knife. Utilitarian, convenient, sharp, light-weight, and durable are just some of the many creative adjectives one can use to describe NWKW's version of a Light Saber. Olga, not only reviewed our knife, but featured the 8'' Chef in an incredible 'Seared Tuna, Avocado, and Grapefruit Salad.' BRAIN FOOD!!!


"Although I don't find a traditional chef's knife intimidating at all, I was interested in trying out a slimmer one.  Plus, look at the gorgeous handle of the knife! I knew it would not only look great in my kitchen, but feel comfortable in my hand."- Mango & Tomato


Thanks Ogla, and we can't wait to see what brilliance our Super Bread Knife will inspire when you get it.

Chef's Knife review from Mango Tomato utility knife