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New West KnifeWorks Phoenix Santoku

Eating Club Vancouver
By TS and JS

October 18, 2009

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"Hey, slicing onions seem to be so much easier with this knife... The process from slicing the top off, to peeling the paper off the onions, to chopping them up finely seem to be pretty much painless. I also used our New West knife to butcher three chickens... WIth the New West knife, the chickens were in parts in less then 15 minutes... We used this knife to do all sorts of standard chopping and slicing tasks. Slicing through little rind-y key limes, chopping leafy greens... slicing beef, and cutting hard vegetables like cabbage. The New West KnifeWorks Phoenix Santoku is qyite lightweight with a much thinner blade, very different from a standard chef's knife."

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