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Chef Talk Santoku Review



         Fusionwood Santoku

Over the years, we have collaborated with ChefTalk.com to get feedback on our chef knives and new product development. We value the input of professional chefs and the crowd over at ChefTalk certainly don't pull any punches if they don't like something! Last summer Chef Nicko saved us a lot of trouble by pointing out a design flaw on one of our new Pheonix handles, a simple fix that had a significant impact on the new chef knife's quality. At New West we seek out this kind of honest feedback and collaboration with professional chefs, retailers, home foodies, and custom knife makers. This helps us continuously evolve and keeps our knives on the cutting edge. Literally.

So, this past year we have been working intensely to bring out a line of knives that not only surpassed anything we've ever made, but that would serve as a benchmark as the highest quality, manufactured knives available. We sent ChefTalk a Santoku, a Chef 8, and a Chef 9 to see if they would meet the high standards of their very discerning chefs. We were delighted that all three knives came back with 5 star reviews. Here's a little snippet of Chef Nicko's review of our Fusionwood 2.0 Santoku: 

'The switch to the CPM S35VN steel is significant. It clearly lends itself to a great edge and allows for a lighter knife... Over the past several years ChefTalk has had the opportunity to work with Corey and Mike from New West Knifeworks testing out their knives. It is clear to me that as the years continue Corey Milligan’s skills as a knife maker are growing in the right direction. These knives show real growth as a crafsman and they continue to be some of the most beautiful and functional knives you can own. I look forward to seeing what comes next from New West.' Check out the entire review at ChefTalk. 


Check out the 2.0 Fusionwood Santoku. 

 2.0 Fusionwood Santoku