Learn More: Bell'alimento breaks bread with our Super Bread

Bell'alimento breaks bread with our Super Bread



Paula isn't only a great chef, she is an awesome blogger too.  That is why we had to, and I mean "HAD TO" send Paula our Super Bread Knife.  As a pretty amateur chef, I look to Bell'alimento a serious guide to really cool, really easy recipes.  Maybe one day I can find a date to share one with.  Thanks Paula.

"Once you have baked that gorgeous loaf of bread you’re going to need to slice it. See that knife? Sexy isn’t she. It’s a SUPER BREAD KNIFE from New West Knifeworks....f you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time you know I lurve those knives. They’re the only knives I use. Period. They’re 100% American made and they’re committed to manufacturing here in the US and hope to grow into the premier maker of fine American chef knives and make a knife that will surpass even the big Japanese and German brands. These knives cut through anything like it was buttah. A good knife is worth it’s weight in kitchen gold. And these are GOOD knives. These are GREAT knives." - Bell'alimento