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Bella Savvy and Super Bread Review

Bella Savvy Super Bread Knife Review


Thanks Dee for trying one of our Super Bread Knives. There is a reason why this is Corey's favorite knife. Nobody, and I mean nobody else makes a loosely serrated bladed like we do at New West KnifeWorks. Keep telling the world about the awesome stuff you find on your travels.  


"The kullens, or dimple grinds, allow the blade to pass through food cleanly and without sticking to your food — I love this feature! That’s always been one gripe of mine when it came to my old knives. When I prepped food, trying to do it in a hurry, the wet fruits and veggies or meats were always sticking as the blade passed through. Nothing like slowing me down and aggravating the crap out of me." - Bella Savvy


Super Bread Bella Savvy