Learn More: Andrea Meyers Tries our 8'' Chef Knife

Andrea Meyers Tries our 8'' Chef Knife



Thanks for being a fan. We knew when we sent you our 8'' Chef Fusionwood V2.0, you would love it.  Thanks for giving our favorite chef knife a run, and it looks and sounds like you are enjoying it. From that picture I can tell that broccoli didn't stand a chance.


"The Fusionwood 2.0 8 inch Chef Knife is a joy to work this. The full-tang blade is a combination of European and Asian influences, with a super thin cutting edge and extra-thick steel in front of the handle for easy gripping. It’s very lightweight compared to most chef knives, and deftly cuts through any meats or vegetables. I’ve cut beef, chicken, pork, turkey, butternut squash, broccoli, and many other vegetables, and it has performed all of those tasks beautifully." -Andrea's Recipes