Learn More: 10 Engines enjoying our 5'' Chopper

10 Engines enjoying our 5'' Chopper

Chef Knife review by Blog


Howdy 10 Engines,


Thanks for letting your readers, viewers, and sightseers know about our very popular Fusionwood V.2 5'' Chopper.  You are spot on about the handles, and hopefully you can step away from the computer and let this little santoku rip through some veggies.  



"For over 10 years, New West KnifeWorks and owner Corey Milligan have created these distinctive knives. I have to be honest I have seen them in magazines previously but just sort of whipped by them... need to get out more maybe. My loss. Need to get some color in my life. These Fusionwood handles are created from hardwood logged in Vermont." - 10 Engines


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