The G-Fusion Series


New West KnifeWorks takes tradition to the cutting edge. By fusing the best of traditional knife making with the latest innovations, we make time-tested, precision instruments that are as beautiful as they are useful.

G-Fusion combines the advanced metallurgy of "powder metal" steel with visually striking, indestructible and ergonomic handles. The result is a fusion of form and function Bon Appetit Magazine described as "the perfect balance of power and grace."


When you love your tools, everyday chores become a joy. The lively colors of the G-Fusion line help reinforce the notion of cooking as "play." Each color pattern reflects the natural palette of Jackson Hole's striking scenery.

Layers of fiberglass, cloth-epoxy are compressed and cooked into G10 sheets. The material is hand-shaped and polished around the knife tang and as the material is ground away, layers of color reveal themselves in resplendent patterns. The results are colors which seem to live and dance on a handle that is virtually indestructible. But don't let the pretty handles fool you, in terms of performance, these knives are all business- the fusion of G10 handles with S35vn steel is the same combination used by the US Special Forces. G10 was originally designed for silicon valley, as a durable material used in the motherboard of a supercomputer-- designed to withstand great heat without changing its shape. The knives and handles are 100% American made by skilled American craftsman using materials produced exclusively in the United States.


We have spent the last several decades on a quest to find the ultimate chef knife steel. This journey has taken us around the world from Sweden to Seki, Japan. After studying the great traditions of knife making, we realized we could do it better back home utilizing breakthroughs in metallurgy developed by advanced American industries.

The United States is the world leader in the fields of aeronautics, computers, medicine, and defense-- each of these industries has invested heavily in the development of new "super-steels" and we have exploited these advances to make the best knives on the market. The same folks who took us to the moon inadvertently helped solve the riddle of how to make the ultimate chef knife. The riddle of steel has always been how to make a super sharp steel that won't stain, break and chip easily. Knife makers have struggled to find a way to mitigate these negatives by adding specific alloys and various heat treatments-- but their solutions always had trade offs.

CPMS35VN "Powder Metal Steel" solves the "riddle of steel." Molten metal is sprayed into a cold environment, immediately freezing in tight crystalline patterns. The molecular density of its molten state is preserved instantly in newly formed "steel flakes." This "super powder" is combined using intense compression and then, made into sheets.

The development of "powder metal" super steels represents a paradigm shift as significant as the transition from the Bronze Age to the Iron Age.

What does this give our customers?

  • - Elite sharpness that surpasses the best Japanese knives.
  • - Tough, durable steel that exceeds the best German knives
  • - Stain resistance
  • - Thin, light weight material that retains its structural integrity when tapered to an incredibly fine edge and point.
  • - A knife that is very easy to sharpen and maintain in its optimum state.


Powder metal steel allows our craftsmen to accentuate the tapering of the blade to realize its maximum potential. The tapering from the spine to the edge lightens the knife and also allows for an incredibly fine edge. Further tapering toward the front of the blade gives extra bite where you begin most of your cuts. In the past you had to choose between toughness and sharpness, this very special material lets you have it all. The difference in the experience on the cutting board is profound.