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Highly skilled hands and modern precision tools work in concert to create a new standard in quality and workmanship. The finest materials are sculpted, assembled, and hand-finished to ensure every piece is a perfect work of art. For over 19 years, New West KnifeWorks and Corey Milligan have pursued their commitment to make the finest chef knives and won awards at the nation's top juried fine art shows for their efforts. The knives have been featured in many of the nation's top culinary and top culinary and lifestyle magazines such as Saveur, Forbes Life, Wine Spectator, Playboy and many more.

The G-Fusion line represents the culmination of a 19 year quest to make the finest knives in the world in terms of both form and function. The G-Fusion design combines powder-metal CPM S35VN 'super steel' with a revolutionary plunge ground, tapered tang blade grinding process to put these knives on the leading edge in terms of performance, functionality and design. 


The Handles

Layers of fiberglass, cloth-expoxy are compressed and cooked into G10 sheets. The material is hand-shaped and polished around the knife tang and as the material is ground away, the layers of color reveal themselves in resplendent patterns. The results are colors which seem to live and dance on a handle that is virtually indestructible. The only other folks who are combining this elite handle material with S35vn steel are the US Special Forces. Don't let the pretty handles fool you- these are the highest performance materials on the market- the icing on the cake is they are 100% USA made by skilled American craftsmen.  

The generous and sweeping curves of our handles have been developed over many years in professional and amateur kitchens.  Often knife handles are designed with extreme contours and a fixed grip in mind.  And, for 1% of the population that has the right size hand and uses that specific grip, it works fine.  However, what we've found is that all people are not created equal.  Small hands, large hands and variations in how people prefer to hold a knife in differing cutting situations demand a handle design which accommodates a wide range of anatomical and use variations.   The design of our handles gives users the feeling of confidence and control while providing a comfortable grip for long term use.

Blade design

The G-Fusion plunge ground blade and tapered tang is a fusion of Asian and European blade styles. Combining the heft of a European knife with the razor sharp edge of a super thin Asian blade, Fusionwood 2.0 gives you the best of both worlds. Another perk for professionals and the avid home cook is the extra thick steel in front of the handle which provides a comfortable pinch grip for the blade (no more callouses!). The result is a knife unparalleled in performance, balance, and beauty.  More About G-Fusion


All of our kitchen knives are made with CPM S35VN, quite simply, the finest steel available in the world for kitchen knife construction.  This steel uses particle/powder metal technology that creates a carbide rich, super fine grain structure with performance characteristics unheard of in traditionally wrought steels.  Unlike other alloyed steels that become brittle/chippy, less stain resistant and harder to sharpen our steel exhibits all of the benefits of alloyed steel with none of the sacrifices.  Through the ingenuity of powder metal technology, G-Fusion knives combine unsurpassed edge holding with indestructible toughness and excellent stain resistance.  Best of all, the micro grain structure also allows for ease of sharpening and the ability to create an unbelievably sharp edge.

 For over 100 years, the United States has been the world leader in the innovation of high performance steel keeping pace with the technology requirements of the aerospace, computer, medical industries, high tech manufacturing and the US military. Advances in all of these fields requires matching advances in steel technology. Our raw steel is made by the Crucible Steel Company,Syracuse, NY- the world leader in the manufacture of high performance tool steel.

 A standard used to judge the quality of alloyed steel is the amount of carbon there is in the steel. Carbon is the primary building block of performance in a knife and correlates with sharpness and edge holding. CPM S35VN has nearly three times the carbon content of a Wusthof Trident Much more about steel. Usually, a steel with this amount of carbon would be very brittle and constantly rusting. That's just another awesome thing about this steel, it packs that high carbon and still is resistant to stains and is tough as nails. (Well actually, much, much tougher than nails!)


Precision Heat Treat

The blades are heat treated using a 15 step process which “cooks “ the blades to give them optimal performance.  In the old days, knives were forged to shape under high heat and quenched and tempered all in the same process.  Our space age steel requires much more precision to achieve optimum edge holding, toughness and stain resistance. Salt Bath Heat Treatment, Cryogenic freezing and double tempering draws out the peak performance of the steel at a tested hardness of 60-61 Rockwell Hardness C Scale(HRC).  Our contract heat treater regularly heat treats parts that meet the rigorous demands of the aerospace, defense and high tech manufacturing industry. 


100% American Made

For the past five years New West has made a 100% Commitment to becoming America's Premier Boutique Knife Manufacturer.  Just recently New West has not only become a American Made company but a Greater Jackson Hole company.  Now, New West KnifeWorks is proud to announce that we have teamed up with world-class knife makers in Idaho Falls, Idaho (Just 90 miles away) in an effort to make and manufacture the world's greatest chef knives.