Ironwood: Classic Elegance

Ironwood: Classic Elegance

Desert ironwood was identified as an ideal handle material for its durability, water resistance, and textured appearance. Dense grain structure make it incredibly strong. The wood requires extra effort and time to shape into smooth and ergonomic knife handles.

Ironwood Factory
Desert ironwood is so dense it sinks in water and has garnered the nickname “axe-breaker.” Our finely polished and shaped handles feel like stone. We love the visual variability, each handle reveals a unique woodgrain pattern once it has been painstakingly shaped and polished.

Ironwood Handles
This sophisticated wood paired with a powerful blade crafted from S35VN is a winning combination. Timeless beauty, and classical elegance make the Ironwood handle choice one of our most popular. Ironwood is now a handle option for all of the knives we produce. We are proud to use sustainably sourced wood to craft our knives in the foothills of the Teton Mountains.

ironwood assorted handles

To collect Ironwood knives simply shop any of our knife shapes and select the handle type. Add to cart, and enjoy for the rest of your life! Shop knives here. 

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