Code of the New West

Code of the New West

Love thy Neighbor

In challenging times, it’s important to return to core principles.  For America, a foundational value is expressed in the Latin phrase “E Pluribus Unum”- Out of many, One. It recognizes our greatest strength lies in our differences- for it is only out of a vast plurality of voices that a beautiful national symphony can emerge. America has gone out of harmony of late. So, let us pause today to remember the deeper resonance that binds us and the affections that keep us in tune.  

At New West KnifeWorks what makes us tick is the desire to make beautiful tools that inspire you to not only make delicious meals, but also, meaningful memories with those you love. So, on this day of reflection, here’s a poem to affirm what motivates us most– which is to make something beautiful for you, our neighbor.

Code of the New West
Out of the blazing forge’s heat
And hammering hum beneath our feet,
In each sparkling grind of steel
And finished polished edge we feel

the Presence of our shared desire, 
wrought of Vision forged in Fire,
To Make the World’s Finest Knife
An emblem of what’s best in Life- 

Which is, to serve and to create. 
More than mere tools, we celebrate
The passion with which they are used,
the love and skill with which they’re fused.

We are a part of all their ends,
the meals for family and friends, 
the dressing of the hunter’s prize,
the homes adorned with resin dyes.

Our legacy’s much more than knives.
we help our patrons forge their lives
with memories of what is Best-
That is the Mission of New West.
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