"The Cadillac of its kind." Fish Spatula Featured in The Wall Street Journal

The utilitarian Fish Spatula gets its moment in the sun!

In April 2021, writer Gabriella Gershenson, sang praises about the dexterity of our USA-made fish spatula in the Wall Street Journal. Response was tremendous and we ran out of fish spatulas in a few short hours.

Pride in details and contentious design are infused in every product we make, however, to get this level of appreciation for one of our cooking utensils came unexpectedly. Some favorite quotes from her piece and images of the newsprint article are below.

"The slotted fish spatula from premier cutler New West KnifeWorks is the Cadillac of its kind."

"The front edge is ground down extra fine, which makes gliding it under fragile foods a breeze"

"The signature handle, hewn from a fiberglass epoxy composite called G10 and available in a range of handsome hues, is impervious even to screaming heat and is a genuine pleasure to hold."

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