Teton Edge Santoku

Introducing The Teton Edge Santoku


New West KnifeWorks Blends Beauty of Teton Mountain Range with High Performance Chef Knives

April 20, 2018

Teton Etch Santoku with Teton Mountains

Introducing The Teton Edge Santoku: an all-purpose chef knife with the Teton Mountain Range etched onto the blade, improving both beauty and function.

Loved by top magazine editors, renowned chefs, and avid home cooks, New West KnifeWorks high performance, boldly beautiful knives once again push the limits of form and function in kitchen cutlery. This April, New West KnifeWorks is proud to release the Teton Edge Santoku, a Japanese-style general purpose chef knife, in which the typical scalloped or kullen grind surface is replaced by a stylized etch of the Grand Teton Mountain range - an homage to their Jackson, WY hometown. This concept is truly unique in the history of kitchen cutlery.

Teton Etch Santoku in Lichen

A revolution in blade design
The Teton Edge Santoku represents a revolution in the history of blade design. The “Edge” replaces the traditional santoku “dimples” with an etched semblance of the Teton Mountain range. As with the dimples, the etching helps the blade slice smoothly through food without sticking - but the Teton Edge does it even better. Traditional machine-grinding the dimples can disrupt and distort the precision of the steel’s heat treatment. The proprietary process used to etch the “Edge” enhances the performance while optimizing the steel.  The “Teton Edge” celebrates the spirit of Jackson Hole, New West Knifeworks home, both visually and functionally, redefining the cutting edge of peak performance.

G-Fusion: “America’s Best.”
Like cooking, making knives depends on using the best ingredients. The G-Fusion line features the highest performing knife steel on the market-- S35VN “Powder Metal” steel. This high carbon, alloyed steel has it all: elite sharpness, toughness, edge-holding, stain resistance and sharpenability. G-Fusion knives are made in the US with American steel and backed by a lifetime guarantee. G-Fusion handles are made with G10: an aerospace-grade, fiberglass epoxy composite material that is virtually bomb-proof. New West developed unique G10 color pallets to enhance the beauty of the tool and inspire kitchen creativity.

With an eye for design, beauty, and utility, these cutting edge materials are fused  to make  kitchen knives whose peak performance reflects the striking summits where they are made- the Teton Mountain Range of Jackson, WY.

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