Sunset Feature On the Cutting Edge: The Making of the West’s Best Knives

The Secrets of a Super Sharp Knife
Sunset video tutorial with our founder, Corey Milligan, on keeping your knives super sharp.

New West KnifeWorks recently welcomed in Matt Bean from Sunset Magazine for a behind the scenes tour of our Victor, Idaho production facility. 

"...reviewers universally wax rhapsodic about the unique alloy of form and function that lies at the heart of each blade, the durable yet elegant handles; the near-impervious surgical steel.

But Sunset got there first, with a 2001 piece that Milligan credits with helping to launch his brand from part-time passion to full-time pursuit. “A good knife is the making of a cook,” we said then, while “a beautiful knife is a cook’s joy.” Matt Bean, Sunset Magazine

Handle Composites in Process

Handle Stock in process.

Check out the full post for an exclusive look at our factory. The piece also features a tutorial with our founder, Corey Milligan, on how to keep your knives sharp and always cutting with precision.  

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