Shake Off the February Blues with These Ten Foodie Treats

Gastronomic Salt Lake City is Utah's oldest food magazine, dishing up info on some of the finest dining and hidden digs that SLC has to offer. We were just featured in their top ten foodie list to shake off the February blues!

"If you’re handy in the kitchen you might want to lookup this regional knife maker with an outpost in Park City. Actually, please ensure you’re VERY handy, these things are sharper than Oscar Wilde having it out with Mark Twain. Here’s the science behind the blade from New West KnifeWorks themselves:

CPMS35VN “Powder Metal Steel” solves the “riddle of steel.” Molten metal is sprayed into a cold environment, immediately freezing in tight crystalline patterns. The molecular density of its molten state is preserved instantly in newly formed “steel flakes.”  This “super powder” is combined using intense compression and then, made into sheets. 

That powder metal purportedly promises a knife that’s sharper than the best from Japan and more durable than any German product – and it’s made just around the corner too.

All I know is I held a piece of cardboard up in the air with two fingers and managed to cut it in half just dangling there. This thing is sharp with a capital, please be very careful. Oh, and they come in a variety of conversation starting colors and designs."