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New West KnifeWorks Gift Guide
A perfect selection of culinary knives and accessories.

Sharp Gift Ideas from New West KnifeWorks Founder

New West KnifeWorks’ founder, Corey Milligan, started making knives because he loved to cook. Each knife is designed based on his experience on the cutting board and the needs of our customers. Over the years, he’s become an expert, not only in making knives, but helping folks find the best knife for their particular needs. Here are Corey’s recommendations for sharp gifting.

The Chris Kidder Special

For the serious cook who already has it all. I designed this for my brother-in-law, a highly accomplished restaurant chef. Who doesn’t want to have the biggest knife in the room? And at 12 inches, it’s a chopper and slicer in one rad package.

"The perfect balance of power and grace”

- Bon Appétit

The Petty

This is the knife for everyone on your list, no matter what their
experience level. It’s the perfect level-up for someone who is just getting into cooking, and a welcome addition to the pro-chef’s knife roll.

"The Ultra-giftable knife your food friends don't already have”

- Bon Appétit

The Teton Edge Stantoku

A great fit for the active home cook looking for a chef knife that doesn’t have professional-level training. It’s super sleek and manageable for folks intimidated by a larger blade, and the etching provides a bit of flair while also allowing food to release more easily.

"Knife Art”

- Fine Cooking

G-Fusion Steak Knife

Eating with loved ones is more sacred than ever. These beauties add ceremony to the meal as everyone chooses their colors from the set. More importantly, the blade slides through a strip like warm butter.

"Glides through Ribeyes as if they're butter”

- Wall Street Journal

The Glory Folder

Whether you are cutting baling twine, stripping wire or opening boxes from Amazon, the pocketknife is an essential tool for every man and woman. It is a gift that will last a lifetime for holidays, graduations, clients and any occasion when you want to give something truly special.

"Razor sharp and gorgeous”

- Forbes

The Western Chef

The Western Chef is about heft and power, sporting a heavy, almost cleaver-width blade for hacking, chopping, and dicing. Given the choice, if your hands itch for a two-handed broadsword rather than a rapier-- look no further- this knife is for you. Keep it in your knife roll or wear it on your chaps, the Western Chef will have you ready for rodeo when things get Western in your kitchen.

"The Cadillac of it's kind"

- Wall Street Journal


The vibrant colors of the G-Fusion line remind us that making nourishing, delicious food for those we love is an expression of who we are. We make tools to be an extension of the hand of the culinary artist.


Don’t be fooled by the pretty colors, these handles are bombproof. Originally developed for the motherboard of a computer, this fiberglass laminate is extremely tough, feels good in the hand, and thrives in the hot and humid environment of a professional kitchen.


S35VN is the best steel available for kitchen use. Sharpness, edge-holding, stain-resistance, toughness: the powder metal process lets us pack in more carbon and special alloys with none of the tradeoffs of other high-carbon blades.


From top test kitchens like Bon Appetit and Food & Wine to Michelin star restaurants and your local favorite bistro, New West KnifeWorks is professionally tested and approved. “My Best Friend in the Kitchen.” Hunter Lewis, Editor in Chief, Food & Wine Magazine.


For those who prefer the natural look and feel of a wooden handle, we tested all the top candidates: Desert Ironwood rose to the top. One of the hardest woods on Earth, it makes a perfect companion in the kitchen for the cutting edge blade.


A knife is an extension of the hand, which is why all of our knife handles are hand-finished in the USA. We don’t have an assembly line, each knife is taken through the entire knife-making process by one expert maker to ensure the quality of every blade.


Traditional steel selection always involved trade-offs: too sharp and it becomes brittle, too much stain-resistance makes it cut like a butter knife, too tough and you can’t sharpen it yourself. S35VN steel gives our blades all the good qualities with none of the bad.


The craftsmanship of our knives is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We also offer free sharpening and service for all of our knives by mail or through our retail shops.