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Slice of Life: In the Kitchen with TrulyObscure

By TrulyObscure Staff

November 16, 2008

Blog Excerpt

"We tried a Phoenix 9 in Stone from New West KnifeWorks. Like the previous knife it too has an amazingly sexy Damascus steel hollow blade. The Phoenix knives have Nobel-Lite handles, which are indestructible. We don't like abusing such pretty kitchen equipment, but when someone says indestructible the'd better be able to back it up. So, after several weeks of inhumane treatment, we would agree, that it is indeed indestructible. Coupled with a very sharp blade this company has created a very nice knife! New West also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, as well as reasonable replacement options. We received ours with a very nice leather sheath to protect the blade (and our fingers!). The Phoenix 9 costs $199, and is a fantastic knife for the money. Check out their Fusionwood Knives for a near work-of-art alternative to the Phoenix."

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