Learn More: The Sporting Life 8'' Chef Review

The Sporting Life 8'' Chef Review

8 inch chef knife


The Sporting Life contacted us about trying one of our knives.  With a bit of homework, we found out that the writers and readers of this epic blog are our kind of people.  We immediately noticed that The Sporting Life values knives, almost as much as we do. With that being said here at NWKW we felt very compelled to send them our 8'' Chef Knife.  As you can tell they were pretty stoked. 

Thanks again TSL!

"...The knife arrived encased in a blade-length leather sheath. I pulled it from the sheath and felt the heft, the handle, and the balance. It was perfect in my hand, and it was beautiful. For me, the best way to test a knife is to cut up an onion...the French way, of which it did with aplomb." - The Sporting Life

(I found this on TSL. And figured I needed to share!)