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Product Review: New West Knife Works

The Happy Sorceress
By Stefanie Bunn

February 27, 2009

Blog Excerpt

"Admittedly, there was a certain amount of time spent simply admiring the knives. I don't know that I've ever seen more attractive cutlery.

But we all know it's about substance, and not flash, so the true test came this past week or so as I had some pretty chop-heavy recipes lined up. Sushi, jambalaya (twice), chili, empanadas; the sheer quantity of vegetables and meats/fake meats was astounding.

I often find knives are too light or too heavy or...something. I also have small hands, yes. But when I started using the NWKW knives? It was perfect. The weight, the balance, the feel.

And oh my; these knives are sharp. Nothing I cut, no onion or chunk of beef, not even slightly frozen chicken, could stop it. Everything sliced through like butter. It was almost as if the knife didn't need me; a bit of direction & look! Your stuff's cut."

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