The Funky Monkey reviews our 9'' Chef Knife


Going totally against protocol, we judged a book by its cover, and contacted The Funky Monkey about doing a review for us. It was the name of this particular blog that we were really interested in. And after a quick look around, we weren't disappointed, and even picked up a few good ideas for ourselves. The Funky Monkey was able to get their hands (not paws) on one of our 9'' classically designed chef knives. 


"This elegant knife isn't an 8 or 10 inch chef.  It's the 9 and perfect for home cooks or commercial chefs.  This knife is made from the finest materials.  If you're used to using a large knife, this is the one for you.  The K-edge (cullenshiffer/dimple ground) helps keep food from sticking to the sides.  It passes effortlessly through food.  The thick hand finished steel in front of the handle allows for a blister free pinch grip." - The Funky Monkey