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The Egg Out West Santoku Review


Something that sets Jackson aside from some of the other big name resorts, is Meagan and her Blog.  "The Egg" has been one of Jackson's top social and style blogs for some time now. And like a fine wine, it is only getting better and better. Meg, recently purchased her boy-toy a new Fusionwood 2.0 Santoku. Her boyfriend is a very lucky man. The Santoku is easily our most popular knife.  The light wieght feel blended with traditional Japanese style makes this knife not only the coolest knife in your collection, but your own personal Samuari Sword.  Now go and chop that onion without crying.


"before i left on my 3 month adventure, i purchased a very special gift for jeff's birthday.  jeff loves to cook so i wanted him to have a new friend in the kitchen while i was away.  and let's be honest, i'll be using his new knife as well when i return...(a win-win, really).  he has always admired the gorgeous knifes from locally owned New West Knifeworks, so i knew an all-round knife was the perfect gift.  he has seriously been raving about his new best friend blade for the last few months. " - The Egg Out West