Learn More: The Cutting Edge of Fine Cutlery- PR Sept. 15"

The Cutting Edge of Fine Cutlery- PR Sept. 15"


The Cutting Edge of Fine Cutlery- G-Fusion Line makes, “Knife Art.”

September 2015 Jackson Hole, Wyoming

New West KnifeWorks introduces its highly anticipated G-Fusion line.  Combining hand-finished, multi-colored G10 handles with CPM35vn “power metal steel”, the new line represents a major break-through for the boutique company. 

The new line is 100% American Made and the steel upgrade is quite noticeable on the cutting board. It is extraordinarly sharp, has elite edge-holding and toughness as well as being stain-resistant and easy to sharpen.


Advances in blade geometry amplify the quality of the steel making the knives extremely lightweight.

“We’ve made our knives all over the world,” says New West KnifeWorks founder, Corey Milligan. We’ve  been to Sweden. We’ve made knives in Japan. And after all the traveling around, we’ve found the finest treasure in our own backyard- these ar the best knives we’ve ever made.”

New West Knifeworks was formed two decades ago with very clear mission- the fusion of form and function.

“if you love the tools you use, then cooking becomes a joyful experience rather than a chore,” Milligan explains.

“We’re always looking to improve our blades and handles. I knew I wanted G10 when I was working with a prototype G10 knife at home.  I accidentally left the handle on the open flame of my stove for a couple minutes.  It barely left a mark.


G-Fusion’s recipe for the cutting edge:

G-Fusion features S35Vn “Power Metal Steel.”  This elite steel was developed for the aerospace industry.  This represents a “sea of change” for kitchen cutlery.  Sharper than Japanese knives, tougher than German knives, with better edge-holding than either.  Stain-resistant and easy to sharpen.


The handles are made of G10. Layers of a sophisticated, color fiberglass are baked in an epoxy resin.  The handle material is then individually shaped to each blade.

G10 was a material that was originally developed for the motherboard of a computer. So it is a material that can withstand a great deal of heat and moisture without changing its shape.  These handles are virtually “bomb-proof.:

 The only other folks combining G10 handles with S35Vn steel are the U.S Special Forces. That means these blades do serious work on the cutting board.

The innovative 2.0 blade geometry of the G-Fusion line features a special labor -intensive grind that enhances sharpness and agility.  The blade is plunge ground from spine to edge with extra tapering towards the front of the blade.  This intensive tapering makes the blade light and sharp with extra bite at the front of the knife to start your cuts.


As with all of its knives and products, the G-Fusion line is backed by New West KnifeWorks’s lifetime guarantee.

New West KnifeWorks has been featured at many of the nation’s top craft shows including the Smithsonian in Washington D.C.

New West knives are the go to knives of many professional chefs.  We constantly collaborate with pros to improve our designs.  It is common for chefs to develop a large callous at the base of their index finger from where the top of the blade rubs against their finger.  The 2.0 grind leaves the thickest part of the blade right in front of the handle to create the most comfortable grip.