Pass The Sushi and our Petty Knife

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Kita over at Pass the Sushi, did us all a favor before Thanksgiving.  After much research, Kita was able to find the greatest blogger recipes together, to make our lives so much easier. In doing some of her own variations, she was able to get her hands on one of our Petty Knives.  The Petty Knife is more then just a utilitiarian knife, it is "Everyone's Favorite Knife." Not sure what to fillet that Black Cod with?- Think Petty.  Slicing an Apple giving you trouble?- Think Petty. Think Petty, Petty, Petty. This is and should be your 90% knife.


"And is there a better tool to have at your disposal on Thanksgiving than a good knife? Simple answer. No.

The kind people at New West KnifeWorks sent me a shiny new Petty Utility Knife Fusionwood 2.0 to test out in my own kitchen. I have only had it a few days, but darned if it isn’t currently the sharpest blade in my kitchen. Trust me, I was almost dumb enough to go all Sleeping Beauty on it. This little knife chops through tomatoes and apples so smoothly (tomato skins annoy the heck out of me!) and makes quick work out of carrots and celery. The rainbow colors make it stand out against my other knives and is beautiful as a display pieces for cheeseboards (make your guests sign a disclaimer before letting them use it. No lawsuits here)." - Pass The Sushi


Favorite Knife review from Pass the Sushi