Learn More: NWKW and MTN MAN make it in Forbes!

NWKW and MTN MAN make it in Forbes!

We made it in Forbes!

Our friend Christopher from Forbes was able to stop by the shop last winter to check out the shop. After some Wyoming Whiskey and Corey's homemade charcuterie, we took Chris to the alley way for a 101 on Tomahawk toss lesson.  It looks like we made a lasting impression.  We can't promise homemade meat specialties or whiskey to all our customers but a tomahawks lesson is something we can defintely do.  If you do make it to Jackson we encourage sharp objects, especially ours.

Cheers Chris!

From Forbes:

"If you’re not one to cram a pie in your backpack and are simply wandering the town, you can saunter from Persephone, your coffee-sugar buzz rolling, a couple of blocks over to the combined stores of Mountain Man Toy Shop and New West Knifeworks. These places not only sell dangerously sharp sets of cutlery with handles created by hand, but they also sell tomahawks." - Chistopher Steiner


Read the whole article here!  We recommend it.