Learn More: Mango & Tomato reviews our Super Bread

Mango & Tomato reviews our Super Bread


Mango & Tomato loves us at New West. Maybe it is because we give Olga and her talents free knives. Not sure.  Either way, our cause is not in vain, because whatever Olga touches turns to edible gold.  First it was her featured Tuna, Avocado, and Grapefruit Salad with our 8'' Chef Knife. Now it is a simple bread recipe in a La Creuset. And what a better knife to send then our Superbread Knife.  Thank you Olga. Thank you for giving me hope that I can find my place in the kitchen.


"Remember the post where I swooned about my new The 8 knife from the New West KnifeWorks? Well, I've used this knife so often and have been so happy with it, I decided to pitch a new idea to the company: I would FINALLY bake bread in my Le Creuset and then use their gorgeous Superbread knife to cut into my loaf of bread. 

Guess what? They said YES and sent me the knife for a review. {Happy dance!}" - Mango & Tomato

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