Learn More: Food In Jars Blog 8 inch Chef Knife Review

Food In Jars Blog 8 inch Chef Knife Review

  Food In Jars Chef Knife Review

Melissa is now one of our favorite friends. Based out of the hustling and bustling City of Brotherly Love, this Oregon girl is turning many city folk into Canning Machines. Follow her, and her blog and in no time you too will become a pickling fanatic. We sent Melissa one of our first new 2.0 8 inch chef knives to take for a test run. Here's what she had to say:

'The Fusionwood 2.0 eight-inch chef’s knife arrived a couple weeks back now and it has rapidly become one of my favorite things in my kitchen. That gorgeous grip feels quite natural in my hand, the blade is much lighter and appears to be holding its edge quite well. I’ve been using it everyday and I’m not noticing a diminishment in performance as of yet.' - Food in Jars.  

 Food in Jars reviews our 8 inch chef