Eclectic Recipes's Brown Butter Caramels and our 8'' Chef Knife

Review of the 8 inch chef from Eclectic

At New West KnifeWorks, we enjoy the simple things like Skiing Powder, Sharp Knives, and Candy. Lots and Lots of Candy.  For those late nights of knife making, there is nothing like a Ol' Fashion sugar rush to help us work through the wee hours of the night.  When we sent our 8'' Chef Knife to Eclectic Recipes, we had no idea of the deliciousness that it would yield. Brown Butter Caramels are highly addictive, and super easy to make. Making your own candy helps justify eating your body weight in sweets.  

"When I first opened up my new New West knife, I was immediately impressed with it’s beauty. The handle is just gorgeous. Then I immediately started testing it out. For a huge chef’s knife, it is extremely well-balance and feels wonderful in my hand. It actually feels lighter because of the way it’s balanced than my other German knife,..."- Eclectic Recipes


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