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New West Knife Works – Fusionwood Review

Eating Cleveland
By Mark

March 20, 2009

Blog Excerpt

"As far as the actual cutting and chopping goes, I have never used anything finer. The big, super-sharp blade easily dealt with the soft chicken and the hard onions. The blade is made from Japanese steel and New West Knife Works claims that it has 70% more carbon than Wustof's best knives allowing it to hold a truer edge longer. With the way the knife performed, I can not argue with that.

The New West Knife Works' Fusionwood 8 inch chef's knife is truly a piece of art. It is also a highly functioning tool for your kitchen. Chances are, it will outlast you. So whether you want a piece of art or a unique kitchen tool that can be cherished for generations, you need to get your hands on one of these."

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