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Cue the 'Nick Cave,' It's Break Up Time

Culinary Sherpas
by Greg Baker

April 26, 2009

Blog Excerpt

To be fair, the giddiness that surrounded the delivery of this knife could have left me to gush ad nauseum about it's sleek lines, it's balance, the knife envy that it caused in my contemporaries, but I decided to put it to work for a month before setting pen to paper - metaphorically, of course.

One month later, and I still love this knife. There was a bit of a learning curve, as far as keeping it sharp. I need my knives to shave, and fumbling around with a steel and stone took some getting used to, what with the one sided grind, and I found that this knife requires a few strokes on a fine-grit stone daily to keep it at it's maximum potential.

A major plus is that I've had to focus more on basic cutting techniques for optimal results. While some knives will allow you to get sloppy and use brute force over finesse, this blade really does perform best using a proper, rocking motion.

When it's all said and done, I hate to say it, but the warhorse has taken its place in the pasture, relegated to home use, and I have a younger, sleeker model in my knife bag these days. It's not exactly a corvette and a Burt Reynolds mustache, so maybe it isn't the midlife crises, but the old man is opening himself up to change.

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