Learn More: Common Ground and our 8'' Chef Knife

Common Ground and our 8'' Chef Knife


Common Ground, echos with antiques, flowers, and everything between.  Thats why we were so excited to team up and bring our knives to their readers. At NWKW our knives with flashly multicolored handles stood out perfectly with the abdundance of white linens, and floral patterns on Common Ground. So the rumors are true, opposites attract.  Thanks for trying our 8'' Chef Knife Common Ground.  Maybe one day you can decorate my kitchen.


"I've been cooking for more years than I want to admit, but I've never made it a priority until this last year when I've had to revamp our whole outlook on what and how we eat, due to my husband's health. Let me tell you when I opened the package from this company I was so excited. This knife is a work of art. I've never had a quality set of knives before, so this one was a real treat. What had I been missing all those years?!! I use it for most of my meal prep now and it's cut my time in the kitchen down, plus been a real joy. Wow, I feel like I should be on "Top Chef"! - Common Ground


Review of Fusionwood Chef Knife from common grounds