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New West Knifeworks

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By Aun Koh

April 11, 2009

Blog Excerpt

I both admired the philosophy behind New West's approach to making knives as well as their artistic flair, exemplified best in the colourful handle designs in their Fusionwood line…The knife (Santoku) is light, which is great for female users (and us short Asian guys) but very well-balanced. It feels really nice in the hand, and is comfortable when gripping the blade just above the bolster with your thumb and first finger (which is how I prefer to hold my knives when chopping or cutting). The edge (straight out of the box) is very finely honed. After chopping my way through a number of things, it still had a very keen edge. And while I usually try and hone each knife every time I use it, I've purposely avoiding honing this Santoku, trying to see how long the edge will stay sharp. It's held up trememdously well…Overall, it's a really fun knife to use. It can be used throughout a long kitchen-prep without tiring out your hand. The blade is beautifully-made and functions smoothly.

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