Glory Folder Product Options

New West KnifeWorks Glory Folder Pocket Knives are available in several handsome and durable handle styles.

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G10 is the most durable material for pocketknife construction.  It will stand up to the hardest use. New West KnifeWorks custom colored laminates offer personal style to this ubiquitous tool.  The bright color choices also make it easy to find if it is dropped.

Carbon Fiber has the best strength to weight ratio.  Carbon fiber combined with the titanium frame makes this knife feel almost weightless in your hand.

Desert Ironwood offers unparalleled beauty and the elegance of a natural material.  Desert ironwood is the most durable natural material there is. The G10 under liner reinforces the ironwood to give added strength and resistances to chipping and cracking while providing a stylish accent. **Please note: Ironwood is a natural material and each handle will have unique grain patterns**


Glory Folder Product Options

Blade Shapes

Glory Folders are available with either a traditional Drop Point blade, or a modern Saddleback blade.

The Drop Point Blade

The standard for general use.  Provides a strong tip for piercing, great for any cutting, whittling, small game and fish gutting and skinning and opening boxes.

Saddleback Blade

A unique, modern design that performs like a traditional drop point.  The “saddleback” provides a location to give added thumb pressure for certain cuts.