Bon Appetit Test Kitchen Pros Love Our Petty/Utility Knife!

Bon Appetit test kitchen pros love our knives! In a recent video, their chefs shared the favorite knife they use in the kitchen. To our extreme pleasure and excitement, two of the eight chefs featured in the video chose our 6" Petty/Utility Knife as their favorite knife!
Full video here!
"This, right now, is my favorite knife, it's a Petty Knife from New West KnifeWorks...It gives me a lot of control and it's really balanced....I find myself rarely reaching for a chef's knife at this point, this is the one that I grab most often. And the one that I travel with, I can just put it in this handy-dandy little sheath and throw it in my tote bag if I'm going away for the weekend and I know my friends are going to have really bad knives, but don't want to seem like a total nerd and bring a whole knife kit. This can do almost everything that I need." -Amiel Stanek, Assistant Editor, Bon Appetit
I love the handle and the steel is the same that is used for military stuff, so this is like a really, really well done knife that has great balance... I have a lot of knives a home - from paring knives to chef knives, cleavers - this one is my go-to every day, chopping a little salad, chopping a little garlic, peeling something...I think that's why it's called a utility knife - it has too many uses! -Gaby Melian, Test Kitchen Manager, Bon Appetit
Get your 6" Petty/Utility knife today and start cutting like the pros!