The Original Multitool of the American West

The Original Multitool of the American West

Let’s get straight to the point, this is the most impressive version of the original multi tool of the American west I have encountered to date. It is a traditional multipurpose tool that performs well in sport and around camp.

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I’ve been guiding around the world for the past 15-years, living over 250 days a year outside on the river in North Africa, the Grand Canyon, Idaho, New Zealand and Montana. During this time, I have been curating a quiver of go to tools for survival and ease during hunting camp and overnight car camping. I can feel my rig shudder so let’s be clear, this tomahawk is one of the three most essential tools I carry in my old Land Rover Defender. It’s not uncommon for folks to notice this able-bodied tomahawk resting near my coffee cup in the morning during the occasional Instagram #coffeelover shot. 

Back to the important stuff – let’s talk about the Mountain Man Toy Shop throwing tomahawk. Actually, that’s a great place to start, this tomahawk is a traditional multipurpose tool and it is not just for throwing. I use it for chopping and splitting wood on a daily basis. It is ideal for creating good kindling and once you’re done, you can stand up, face the chunk of cottonwood hanging in the tree nearby and throw it with that satisfying “thunk” we all love so much. 

The art of throwing tomahawks has evolved into a sport over the generations but the tomahawk made by our friends at the MTN Man Toy Shop has a timeless feel to it. I know this because over the past 6 months I have been admiring and throwing this tool with my mentor and good friend, Gary Steele, an original mountain man based under the Mission Mountains of Montana. Gary makes his own tomahawks and throwing knives in a wood shop at home. He ran around the deserts with Ed Abbey and did his part with a monkey wrench back in the 70s and 80s. Now Gary is the resident mountain man at the resort at Paws Up and teaches tomahawk throwing and primitive skills for a living.

I was sitting with Gary on the edge of the river recently and took some notes while he fondly looked over and handled his new favorite tomahawk: tomahawk throw

This is a pretty nice tomahawk; I am impressed with it. Great craftsmanship, it throws really nice and this long handle makes for a long range of about 10 yards distance from the target. When you throw the tomahawk, the handle slips out of your hand really nicely and if it hits wrong the blade will fall out of the handle and this greatly reduces the potential of handle breakage (which is prominent in some tomahawks). It works great for chopping wood, making kindling, hammering in tent stakes and warfare. It is modeled after the old mountain man style tomahawks with slick, sexy traditional lines. It has nice detailed trim line when cast and it is very practical. This is a very impressive tool we have here not to mention there are many ways to open a beer with this.


I don’t have much time for gear and tools which break easily and can say without a doubt that this is the strongest steel I have ever thrown and with that, comes the most satisfying sound every time I hit my target. Sounds heavy huh? Nope. I carry my tomahawk in my whitewater kayak, backpack, motorcycle and bicycle. I am not only grateful to have encountered this tool for my purposes, but for the way in which people light up when they hold it. I am blown away by how affordable this tomahawk is considering it has a lifetime guarantee and lifetime sharpening. Whether you are considering this to add to a hunting kit, throwing quiver, survival pack or as a gift. You will smile whenever you pick it up and it will pay for itself within days as you share the joy of this phenomenal tomahawk with friends and family. I said it before and I will say it again, it is one of the top three tools I always carry with me. 

Mandela is the host of the award-winning podcast called The Trail Less Traveled. 

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