A Knife Fit for a Bread Olympian

A Knife Fit for a Bread Olympian

460 Bakery in Driggs, Idaho, serves the best bread in the Tetons. Baking delicious loaves daily for markets and restaurants in Eastern Idaho & Western Wyoming, the same area where New West KnifeWorks is based.

Co-Owner of 460 Bread, Jerod Pfeffer, had the privilege in early 2020 to represent the United States at the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie—the World Cup of the Bakery, an event that brings the people most dedicated to their craft to Paris to gather, share their skills, and compete. The Coupe was previously held every four years, but as of this past spring it will take place every two years.

New West KnifeWorks Superbread Knife for 460 Bread

We recently sent The Bread Olympian, and our Teton neighbor, Jerod Pfeffer, one of our 9" Serrated Superbread Knives to try out.

"I am surprised how much I like the knife!! I have used a variety of bread knives in the past, and thought I found the perfect knife in the off-set Dexter-Russell. The Superbread Knife melts through bread like, well, butter..." - Jerod Pfeffer

In homage to his new knife, Jerod crafted a specially stenciled loaf with our logo on top. Recognizing our own bias, we must say, that loos tasty! Certainly the first time we have seen our logo portrayed on bread.
New West KnifeWorks Superbread Knife
After using his new Superbread Knife, Jerod also remarked that "the ability to sharpen the knife (due to the more open scallop) seems like a cool feature as well." 

Jerod did not grow up baking bread—something that is noteworthy among competitive bakers, especially in France where the best bakers start competing at a young age. In other European countries, too, bakers are surrounded by a culture of baking competitions and will likely have a number of regional baking contests under their belt before making it to the Coupe.

“The United States team comes to the Coupe as the first big competition we’ve done,” Jerod says. “It’s unusual in the world of baking. Other countries have more formulaic ways of getting into the trade, and in the United States you can just do it. I was not a baker and I just became one.”

For more on Jerod and Team USA's experience at the Coupe du Monde, read the full article written by Molly Absolon in Teton Valley Magazine. The above is an excerpt from the piece covering the Bread Olympics 2020.

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