Earth Day: Making things that last a lifetime.

Earth Day: Making things that last a lifetime.

Bucking the Trend.

For forty years manufacturing and jobs have been sent overseas in exchange for cheap products made in poor working conditions. This coupled with the trend of “planned obsolescence”, of products intentionally being designed to break down, has been detrimental to our society and our planet.

Buy Once, Buy Well

At New West KnifeWorks, we make our knives to last a lifetime. And with proper care, many lifetimes. We proudly produce high quality tools in America and celebrate the dignity of work– something that is reflected in the way we treat our employees and the way we make our knives. We use the finest, most durable steel and handle materials available. CPM S35VN steel combines the highest degree of performance and durability while our signature G-Fusion handles are virtually indestructible and maintain their integrity over time. We take pleasure knowing a knife you buy today may end up in your great, great grandkid’s kitchen. We support the longevity of our knives with a lifetime service guarantee that covers repairs, sharpening and tune ups.

In addition to making them long-lasting, we make our knives as beautiful as we can so that they inspire you to slow down and enjoy food preparation as a part of the art of everyday life. Our hope is for each knife to become a cherished tool used to enjoy the fruits of the Earth in communion with fine food, family and friends.

Happy Earth Day to you and Yours.

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