Kim Makes Corey's Carpaccio

Kim Makes Corey's Carpaccio

In support of a Jackson Hole nonprofit, Slow Food in the Tetons. News West KnifeWorks pulled Kim Kent from her post on the sales floor in Jackson, asked her to put on her metaphorical chefs hat and take over Corey Milligan's garden and kitchen. She demonstrated this delicious recipe and made a movie about knife skills and Carpaccio. All the ingredients were harvested that morning or purchased from the Farmers Market. When Kim was asked to send us a little information about how she mastered these skills in the kitchen she wrote this blog.
Watercress harvest
(Kim next to the creek harvesting watercress with a glory folder pocket knife.)

In my family we joke that I learned how to cook out of self defense. My mom is the worst cook I have ever met. When I was 4 she put all the eggshells in my egg salad sandwich. I have not eaten an egg salad sandwich since then. A favorite meal she liked to "cook" was a frozen lentil loaf (something you could buy in the freezer section of our local natural foods store), instant mashed potatoes and instant vegetarian gravy. It was disgusting. 

I started cooking dinner for my family when I was about 10. When I was in Jr. High we finally got cable and the Food Network was brand new. I spent hours and hours watching the food network. Back then the network was more focused on chefs teaching chefs, the recipes were complex with advanced techniques. I would watch the shows and then print out the recipes and my mom would get all the ingredients for me and I would cook them for my family. In high school I got a job working for a small local cafe called "Carried Away" that only bolstered my will to be in the kitchen.

I went to University of Denver and got a business degree in Hotel Restaurant Tourism Management, my childhood dream was to own a restaurant. 
After college I continued to cook professionally which only fueled my need to go to culinary school. So I went to Culinary Institute of America in NAPA. Despite my passion for food and restaurants I got burnt out after a few years. I missed my old ski bum life, and ended up moving to Jackson Hole. I fell in love with NWKW and was glad I didn't have to go back to cooking in a professional kitchen.   
I thought that working in a knife shop and selling kitchen cutlery would be the coolest job. I was right. Once I tried the knives I was even more excited and it made it very easy to sell knives that I use and am passionate about. Now I own a lot of really great knives and enjoy cooking more than ever. 
9" chef
The Recipe: Venison Carpaccio with Beet Relish 

• Beets
• Onion
• Venison (frozen or partially thawed)
• Water Cress or Arugula
• S+P
• Sugar (optional)

1. Roast 1 or 2 beets in EVO with s+p until tender.
2. Let cool.
3. Dice beet, make 1/8 inch cubes.
4. Toss in a bowl with fresh yellow onion diced to 1/8 inch size.
     - Ratio should be roughly 2/1 beets to onion. 
5. Add sherry vinegar, s+p to taste.
6. Add a little sugar if you prefer.

1. Slice partially frozen tenderloin into thin strips, and plate. 
2. Heat quarter cup or less EVO to about 180 degrees. 
3. Pour hot oil on tenderloin strips to sear.

1. Add the relish to the seared venison.
2. Add watercress or arugula.
3. Enjoy. Watch the video for a more detailed recipe. 
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