G-Fusion Superbread  -  All Black G10
G-Fusion Superbread  - Sherwood
G-Fusion Superbread  - Shoshone
G-Fusion Superbread  - Cadet
G-Fusion Superbread  - Lichen
G-Fusion Superbread  - Shoshone
Price: $299.00 Quantity:

An offset bread knife with an edge. The shape of the Super Bread Knife not only allows room for your knuckles on the cutting board, it is more versatile, and the chef knife shape allows better control than most offset bread knives. Our unique 'wave' serration gives you an incredibly sharp edge and has the unique capacity to be honed and fully sharpened using a diamond or ceramic steel. Kullens or dimple grinds on the side of the blade allow the Super Bread Knife to pass through food cleanly and helps prevent food from sticking to it.

Though called a Super Bread, it is much more than just a bread knife. It is a knife with Super Powers. This is the ultimate slicer for meats, tomatoes, gravlax, and any other soft food that tends to crush when cut with a straight edged knife.  Because the edge cuts so aggressively, many chefs use this as their primary knife for prep work as it will cut through a crate of vegetables with virtually no effort.



Blade   Length 8.75 inches  
Overall Length 14.5 inches  
Max blade width 1.875 inches  
Steel thickness 0.160 inches  
Blade thickness .095-.020  inches  
Weight 6.9 ounces  
Steel Type:  Crucible CPM S35VN High Carbon Stainless Powder metal steel. HRC 60-61

What our Friends are Saying:
Mango & Tomato, "Has been doing the 'Happy Dance.'"
Charles and Hudson,".. became our go to knife for most situations."
The Knead for Bread, " It’s sexy … yes I said sexy."
Bell'alimento, "The only knives I use."

Pioneers of the cutting edge- the New West Knifeworks difference

  • Fusionwood 2.0  Premium 'powder metal steel,' state of the art blade design, and elegant, handcrafted handles make 'Knife Art.' 

  • American Made  New West Knives are crafted by skilled American workers using the finest USA made steel. 

  • A Greener Knife  New West Knives are produced in a factory run entirely on its own onsite hydro-electric generator powered by the nearby river.