Chef 8 Fusionwood 2.0 S35VN - Harvest
 Chef 8 Fusionwood 2.0 S35VN
 Chef 8 Fusionwood 2.0 S35VN - Harvest
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The 8

These are the very last of the Fusionwood 2.0 line! 

The 8 inch Chef Knife is for those who love only the best.  "The Lightspeed 8!"  This knife was deliberately designed for folks who find a traditional 8 inch chef cumbersome or intimidating.  The graceful blade shape, tapered tang and super thin blade grind makes this nimble knife come alive in your hand.

The thick steel infront of the handle makes for a blister free pinch grip.  The relatively narrow width of the blade is a departure from the recent fad of making knives extra wide.  The blade is wide enough to provide plenty of clearance for your knuckles on the cutting board while making it more nimble and useful for slicing and turning cuts. 

"The new 8 has become my go to knife for all my home cooking."  Corey Milligan, Owner of New West KnifeWorks and retired journeyman cook. 


Blade Length 7.75 inches  
Overall Length 13.5 inches  
Max blade width 1.625 inches  
Steel thickness .160 inches  
Blade thickness .095-.020 inches  
Weight 5.7 ounces  
Steel Type Crucible CPM S35VN Super High Carbon Stainless Powder Steel HRC 60-61

What our Friends are Saying
Food in Jars, "rapidly become one of my favorite things in my kitchen.
Mango & Tomato, "I knew it would not only look great in my kitchen, but feel comfortable in my hand"
The Sporting Life, "For me, the best way to test a knife is to cut up an onion... of which it did with aplomb"
Andrea Meyers, "..performed all of those tasks beautifully"
Ecelectic Recipes," is extremely well-balance and feels wonderful in my hand"
Common Ground, "Wow, I feel like I should be on 'Top Chef'!"


Pioneers of the cutting edge- the New West Knifeworks difference

  • Fusionwood 2.0  Premium 'powder metal steel,' state of the art blade design, and elegant, handcrafted handles make 'Knife Art.' 

  • American Made  New West Knives are crafted by skilled American workers using the finest USA made steel. 

  • A Greener Knife  New West Knives are produced in a factory run entirely on its own onsite hydro-electric generator powered by the nearby river.

  • Super Steel  Crucible S35VN powder metal steel transcends all the traditional limitations of working with high-carbon, stainless steel. That means a knife with the optimal combination of sharpness, edge holding, toughness, stain resistance, and sharpenability.