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The Possibility Pack

The Possibility Pack

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The Mountain Man Possibility Pack

Ever since Jim Bridger roamed the Tetons, Mountain Men have carried a "possibles pack" when they ventured outdoors.  Mountain Men never left home without a rifle, a knife and their possibles pack. The bag contained all the essentials needed to survive in the wilderness. Today, some of the items may have changed but the need for the essentials to survive and thrive in the backcountry remains. Whether the modern mountain man is hiking, hunting, skiing the backcountry, fishing, mountain biking, mountaineering, traveling, or even going to the “big city”, there is still the need to be prepared for all the possibilities in case things get “Western.”

MTN Man “Utility” Pouch

This modern version of a utility bag is designed for the rough and tumble western lifestyle. Far more than your average zippered case, this pouch will withstand years of abuse, dirt, mud, and grime. While not built to be submerged in water, the MMTS “Utility” pouch is made from a rugged 420D TPU tarpaulin that remains soft to the touch and flexible - even in extreme cold - while also being strong, tear-resistant, and waterproof material. Pouch measures 12" long by 7" wide. Learn more.

MTN Man Buff®

Cowboys and mountain men have never gone outside without a neckerchief any time of year.  The MTN Man Buff® is the modern, endlessly useful, quick-dry version of the tradition. It prevents frostbite on your nose and cheeks while skiing or belaying in a zero degree whiteout. Every Snake River fishing guide wears one to protect them from the blistering sun that - with reflections - is hitting them from 360 degrees. See all the uses.

MTN Man Hanky

The MTN Man Hanky is made of fabric designed to clean expensive lenses quickly and perfectly without damaging them. The absorbent material makes a great towel to mop a sweaty brow, a washrag, or a quick bandage. It will dry the eyes of a cowgirl you have to leave when it's time to head to the mountains and answer the call of the wild. Keep it clean with regular washing in any washer and dryer. Learn More.

MTN Man Camo

As seen on the Buff® and hanky, our MTN Man Camo is inspired by traditional Scottish tweed. The original Scottish tartan plaids were not made with the flamboyant colors seen today. They were woven in patterns to create a camouflage specific to the region each clan inhabited.  

Inspired by this tradition, MTN Man camo consists of 16 different colors all drawn from Jackson Hole’s late September landscape. This kaleidoscope of color allows a hunter to meld into the surroundings during hunting season. Learn more. 

MTN Man Condom

Besides keeping MTN men safe when they go out for a few whiskeys, the MTN man condom has many other uses in the Possibility Pack: 
- Use it as a portable water carrier or stealth whiskey container.
- It makes a waterproof container for a cell phone in an unplanned river crossing.
- Cover the barrel of your gun when hunting in crappy conditions. 
- See more uses.

Voile Strap

Traveling in the mountains, whether hiking, biking, horseback riding, rafting, or riding in a truck is the definition of “jostle”. A strong strap is essential to keep gear secure. The classic Voile ski strap was originally designed to hold skis together while hiking with them on your pack but they are universally useful for securing gear and fixing what’s broken. The unique buckle is fast and easy to adjust and doesn’t come undone unless you want it to. The strap has a slight stretch that allows you to cinch it real tight and secure goods through any kind of “jostle”. View example uses.

MTN Man Duct Tape

If you can’t get’er done with duct tape, you’ve got a problem. There are entire books and blog posts dedicated to the many uses for duct tape. Out in the wild, where having all your gear in good working order is make or break, duct tape will save you from the perils of torn tents and worn out jackets. Learn More.

The Original MTN Man Bic Lighter

The lighter is a Mountain Man's most important piece of rescue/safety gear. The ability to build a fire can make the difference between a mishap turning into a good story or life and death situation. On the Teton County Rescue Team, it is common practice to have a lighter in the pocket of every different coat and layering piece in your kit. On a weekend car camping trip, you can not take enough lighters. 6 is a good place to start.

MTN Man Fire Tablets

If you want to mess around rubbing sticks together and scraping flint, by all means - go for it. But if you want a hot fire going right now, grab some kindling, these tablets, and a MTN Man Toy Shop lighter and you will be warm in no time. Come rain, sleet, or snow, these tablets will give you the spark to get’er done.

MTN Man Titanium Whistle

Sometimes, sh*t gets western; someone gets broke and you need it’s time to call in the cavalry.  Don’t leave home without this weightless whistle to signal for help when it’s needed.  Attach it to the zipper pull on your jacket or your pack. Or - train your pets and children to come to its call if hollering isn’t your style and whistling isn’t your forte.

550 Paracord

No MTN Man would head out on an adventure without a length of paracord in his pack. While the type of rope has certainly changed over the years, the multitude of purposes remains the same. Learn More.

MTN Man Ranger Bands

Think rubber bands on steroids. The name comes from Army Rangers who would use these heavy-duty bands to tie down gear such as flashlights or knives so they wouldn’t stay in place while in stealth mode. Unlike those rubber bands that show up on stalks of broccoli, these are powerful gear ties that can withstand years of heat, cold, UV exposure, and repetitive use. See example uses.

Cyalume 6” Green Chemlight

On a moonless night deep in the backcountry, pitch-black takes on a new meaning. These may look like a simple glow stick at first glance, but the Cyalume ChemLight is the gold standard in chemical light technology. Providing 360-degree light for up to 12 hours, these will get you from dusk till dawn on an unexpected overnight stay. Cyalume ChemLight sticks are standard issue for all US military personnel which is why we picked them for the Possibility Pack. Learn more.

MTN Man Disinfecting Wipe

Being a MTN Man doesn’t mean being an uncouth derelict. Health, hygiene, and high adventure all go hand in hand. These handy little wipes are pre-soaked with medical-grade alcohol to help disinfect the places that need it. With germs and droplets on everyone’s mind and the blood and guts of the great outdoors, the uses for these wipes are endless. See more uses.


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