About Us

Fun Hog Heaven-

Visitors from all over the world come to Jackson Hole and the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks to view the many species that are unique to the area- bears, wolves, elk, moose and more.  There is one peculiar species that is rarely mentioned that makes Jackson Hole its primary habitat.  The “Unrepentant Jackson Hole Fun Hog” is an abundant local species who’s life is shamelessly dedicated to the pursuit of excitement and adventure in the outdoors.  A true JH Fun hog isn’t good at just one outdoor pursuit, he can do it all:  charge the steep and deep on skis, climb the Grand Teton, rip down Teton Pass on a mountain bike, surf lunch counter rapid on a kayak and surf board, cast a flyline into a micro eddy, row a fishing dory, shoot an elk to fill the freezer with meat for the winter, and throwback whiskeys in celebration of a day of joy and glory in the wilderness.  A fun hog is easily recognizeable in their response to the common question “What do you do?”  Their answer is much more likely to involve a discussion of skiing, climbing, hunting or fishing than what they do to make money.

While the ‘Fun Hog’ is not a domesticable animal, it can be somewhat subdued given the appropriate toys and wide open space. The Mountain Man Toy Shop is fun hog heaven.    

A History of Mountain Men

Jackson Hole has attracted “Mountain Men” to its rugged but glorious landscape since the early 19th century. Legends like Jim Bridger, John Colter, and Davey Jackson left their names on the land through their early exploits. Today’s mountain folk are a diverse mix of cowboys, hunters, fishermen, skiers, boarders, ranchers, climbers, and river runners, and although you may not have heard of them, their deeds are the living legacy of the modern mountain man.

Mountain men live and die by the quality of their tools. The Mountain Man Toy Shop respects the collected knowledge inherent in traditional tools while taking advantage of modern technology. Our mission is to take the best of the old and new to make gear which pushes the limits of what’s possible. 

A legacy etched in steel

Our toy shop was conceived by Corey Milligan, founder and owner of New West Knifeworks. NWKW has been on the cutting edge of kitchen cutlery for over 15 years. Specializing in 100% American made chef knives made of the highest grade US steel, New West has raised the bar for domestic knife production. So what do kitchen knives have to do with hunting knives? Well, you might love your bowie knife, but the truth is, your kitchen knife gets a lot more use- as far as a knife goes, a chef knife gets more action than any other kind. The abuse a knife goes through day in and day out in a professional kitchen overshadows what a hunting knife is put through. New West has put in the blood and sweat to find the right balance between sharpness, toughness, edgeholding, and ease of sharpening.

We’ve transferred the knowledge and expertise we’ve developed on the cutting board to the field, woods and mountains. Collaborating with Master Bladesmith Norm Schenk, New West has developed a line of custom recreational knives.